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Seven Deadly Sins Episode 4: Estarossa's Real Identity

The fourth episode of Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment just got released and the forbidden magic has been revealed. Titled “The Victims of the Holy War,” the episode aired on February 3, 2021. It revealed Estarossa’s real identity as well as the person who’s responsible for the forbidden magic. And as you continue, please be aware of spoilers!

The episode first started with Merlin and the gang fighting Cusack and Chandler. And it is very clear that Merlin’s indeed a very powerful mage, Ludociel even admitted he doesn’t want to fight her! But the fight doesn’t end as something bothered Ludociel’s memories. Meanwhile in the underworld, Meliodas and Ban suddenly hear a voice, and it is the Demon King!

The Demon King spoke to Meliodas as they have realized that everything about Estarossa was just a lie. It came to their knowledge that everything they knew about Estarossa was fake. In addition, the man responsible for altering their memories and giving life to a fake identity was none other than the real Gowther!

And then everyone who knew Estarossa and his true identity suddenly suffered pain as they regained their “true” memories, and that Estarossa never existed. Gowther explained that when someone notices the mistake, their minds will come into controversy, and everything will be revealed. Even Derieri, a member of the Ten Commandments, suddenly forgot who Estarossa was. She wondered about it, and realized that no such commandment existed at all. And there it was, Estarossa’s real identity is none other than Ludociel’s own younger brother, Mael.

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