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Shadows House Anime Ending Exceeds 1 Million Views

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The “SHADOWS HOUSE” anime is the cute but soon-to-be horror story that is yet to get serious. Animated by CloverWorks, it’s potentially an unexpected gem of a show, and a particular thing that caught attention is the ending song. Performed by ReoNa the ending song is titled “Nai Nai”, and it has already surpassed 1 million views within 9 days of being uploaded! It gives off an eerie feeling, which probably shows what to expect from the SHADOWS HOUSE anime in the later episodes. You can check out the official upload of the ending for the anime below:

The anime opening “a hollow shadow” by Kenichirou Suehiro is also very fitting to the premise and popular. You can watch that below:

Both the opening and ending songs are perfect for the show, and the anime is worth watching even with no horror elements (yet). The story has started explaining more about the Shadows family in episode 2, and it’s still early to catch up if cute + creepy sounds like something you’d enjoy. The show is available on Funimation.

Source: Aniplex Official YouTube

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