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Shadows House Episode 5 Trailer Released

Shadows House episode 5 trailer was released on anime’s official Twitter account. New episodes of the anime by CloverWorks air every Saturday. Shadows House episode 5 airs this Saturday, on May 8th.


You can watch the full trailer for episode 5 below:

Last week’s episode hinted at the Debut process, as well as deeper mystery inside the mansion’s walls. We got to learn about doll hierarchy, and how soot phantoms form. However, there is still much we don’t know about the Debut itself. Seems like we’ll be able to see more of Emilico’s new friends, as well as the other dolls and their masters. What sinister truth lies behind the mansion and dolls themselves?

You can watch Shadows House every Saturday on Funimation, which releases episodes weekly. It describes the plot as:

High atop a cliff sits the mansion known as Shadows House, home to a faceless clan that pretends to live like nobles. They express their emotions through living dolls that also endlessly clean the home of soot. One such servant, Emilico, aids her master Kate as they learn more about themselves and the mysteries of the house.

Anime is based on a manga, by Somato author duo, which explained the changes made to the anime adaptation in a tweet from last week.

Source: Official Twitter

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