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SHAFT's Luminous Witches Reveals New Trailer

Luminous Witches, the upcoming anime from studio SHAFT, revealed a new trailer ahead of the 2022 premiere. The anime is a part of the World Witches mix-media project, created by Fumikane Shimada. While the franchise originally focused on the Strike Witches series, the Luminous Witches are the newest addition.

Luminous Witches 2nd trailer

Unlike Strike Witches, Luminous Witches don’t fight Neuroi head-on. Instead, they use music to protect and bring joy to those who lost their homes in the war.

Shouji Saeki, who is currently employed at Gainax, is directing the anime. Saeki previously worked as a director on Assault Lily: Bouquet, Medaka Box, Wish Upon the Pleiades, and more. Kazuya Shiotsuki (Gourmet Girl Graffiti) is doing character designs for the anime. In addition to the work as a character designer, Shiotsuki also worked as chief animation director on titles such as March Comes In like a Lion.

In addition to the new trailer, Luminous Witches anime previously e revealed a key visual:

Luminous Witches series also has a real-life idol band Federation Air Force Air Magic Band Luminous Witches, which consists out of the voice actors in the series. Narumi Mai, Minako Hosokawa, Aimoto Ami, Ryo Mamiya, and Sae Tsuzuki are all voicing characters as well as singing, along with Momo Hanae, Miu Kotosaka, Misaki Yuki, and Kyo Tachibana. Check out their debut single “Flying Skyhigh” below:

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