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Shimono Hiro Reveals That He Is Married, Has Two Children

Japanese voice actor, Shimono Hiro, revealed that he has been married for over 10 years and that he is a father of two children, Shuukan Josei Prime reported on September 26, 2021. He confirmed the report on September 28.

Shimono Hiro

The article says his second child was born this summer, and that he often goes out with his family members. He says that, unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to do so recently. In addition, he told that people didn’t recognize him as Shimono Hiro on a train or on the street. He talked with his wife about making an announcement of his marriage, and every time they reached a conclusion that it would be “something off”. In fact, he continued to utter: his marriage and children had nothing to do with the characters he has played.

Marriage and Job

As for his marriage, he talked about his love story: He met his wife over 10 years ago, got along with her as a friend, and after some time their relationship became a romantic one. They tied the knot in a year or two, and he further noted that he thought about marriage from the beginning.

Although the 41-year-old actor started a family in his 20s, he wasn’t easygoing, or rather, he struggled to receive jobs as a voice actor. Voice actors have to go through auditions to play roles, so their life depends on the results. He says it’d be considered as good if you could pass 20 percent of the tests. The turning point came with him accepting his wife’s advice as an opinion from the outside. He gradually passed auditions and became able to perceive his performance objectively.

He described his family members as the ones he wants to protect, the source of his energy, and precious people that he hopes will stay with him.


On September 28, 2021, he updated his blog with an article titled “To all of my fans” in Japanese. He confirmed that what has been reported is true. He further expressed that he feels sorry for the fuss and worry caused, and the way he informed of his marriage. His resolution for the future reads as:

I’ll pay even more attention to my work, and do my best to make them better. And what’s more, I will spare no effort to bring even more smiles to all of my fans, so I’d appreciate your continuous support.

Shimono Hiro

Shimono Hiro is a Japanese voice actor who voices popular characters such as Agatsuma Zenitsu (“Demon Slayer”), Connie Springer (“Attack on Titan”), and Dabi (“My Hero Academia”). In the 15th Seiyu Award that announced the results in 2021, he received an MVS (Most Valuable Seiyu) award voted by fans. His agency, I’m Enterprise, says in his profile that he is good at imitating a clucking chicken. For the Fall 2021 season, he will play a leading character in “Shinka no Mi“, “Deep Insanity“, and “Demon Slayer”.

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