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Shinka no Mi Anime Reveals Key Visual and PV

Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei anime adaptation has revealed a key visual, along with a PV. The isekai rom-com anime begins airing in October 2021.

Shinka no Mi anime key visual

The promotional video also features the opening and ending themes for the anime. Yoshino Nanjou is singing the OP song ” EVOLUTiON”, while Poppin Party is performing the ending “Moonlight Walk”. Watch the full PV below:

Studios feel (SNAFU) and Children’s Playground Entertainment are producing the series, with studio Hotline (Kakushigoto) doing animation work. Yoshiaki Okumura is directing, while Gigaemon Ichikawa is in charge of series composition. Shinka no Mi anime is based on an isekai light novel by MIKU, which features U35’s illustrations and Umiko’s character designs. A manga adaptation of the light novel also exists.

The plot follows Seiichi Hiragi, an ordinary high-schooler who is sadly being bullied in school. However, one day he ends up in another world where he eats a mysterious “evolution fruit”. After that, his life drastically changes and he begins attending a new school, full of sorcery and magic. But, just who is Thalia?

Hiro Shimono stars as Seiichi, while Kana Hanazawa voices Thalia.

Seiichi and Thalia

In addition, Marina Inoue, Yuuka Nishio, and Tetsu Inada are also starring in the anime as Altria, Ellis, and Gustle.

Altria, Ellis, and Gustle

Source: Official Website
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