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Shinobu Takayama's Haigakura Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The Haigakura manga by Shinobu Takayama is getting an anime adaptation that is slated to premiere next year. A teaser visual is now out:

Haigakura anime – Teaser Visual

It has been 15 years this year since I started drawing in a small way for a bimonthly magazine.
I am amazed at how many years have passed, but in my 15th year, I was surprised to see the decision to make an anime!
Even now, I can’t get over the surprise. I would like to thank everyone who gave me so much support and effort to make this project a reality.
I would like to thank all of you for your support and efforts to make this project a reality. We hope you will continue to support us in both of them!

Statement from Shinobu Takayama on the Haigakura anime adaptation

The Haigakura manga was serialized in Ichijinsha’s Comic Zero Sum WARD magazine from January 2008 to May 2015 and then transferred to Zero-Sum Online in September 2015.

The manga is set in a world where four gods, that once held up the world as pillars, fled along with other minor gods. This led to the rise of kashikans, whose job is to catch the runaway gods and restore stability in the world. The main character, Ichiyou, becomes a kashikan reluctantly to free his foster father. His foster father, a tiger, was caught to replace the four gods who left. Ichiyou’s main goal is to recapture the gods and bring back the peaceful life he had before.

Aside from Haigakura, Shinobu Takayama has a slew of other mangas released. They include Amatsuki (2004), Mr. Morning (2005), Kashoku no Shiro (2019), Sakitama (2015), Mikansei Saikorotonics (2017), his Arcana manga series, among others. Prior to Haikagura, two of his manga titles: Amatsuki and Strange+, received their own anime adaptations, which aired from April to June 2008 and January to March 2014 respectively.

An exhibition event dedicated to Shinobu Takayama’s works will be held from September 23 to October 9 at Yurakucho Marui in Tokyo and from October 20 to November 5 at Namba Marui in Osaka. A special visual for the event has been released:

Shinobu Takayama Exhibition – Visual

Source: Official Website
©Shinobu Takayama/Ichijinsha/Haikagura Production Committee

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