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Shiravune Is Bringing NUKITASHI Visual Novel to Steam in 2023

NUKITASHI, the acclaimed visual novel by Qruppo, is coming to Steam and Johren in 2023, as announced by Shiravune. The visual novel will be available in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Johren will feature the 18+ version, while the regular one will be available on Steam, where users can already wishlist it. The cast includes:

  • Shino Amekawa as Hinami Watarai
  • Hitomi Yanagi as Nanase Katagiri
  • Nagi Koharu as Misaki Hotori
  • Soramame as Asane Tachibana
  • Sakura Hanazawa as Touka Reizeiin
  • Nanami Mizuno as Rei Tadasugawa
  • Aria Kurata as Ikuko Onabuta
  • Ayaka Igasaki as Kouki Senba
  • Poplar Sawano as White-Haired Girl

NUKITASHI follows the story of the anti-copulation resistance fighters of No Love No Sex in their fight to bring down the draconian Pervert Law and its sex-crazed proponents on Seiran Island. The chaste Junnosuke Tachibana is the main character. He tries to bring down a tyrannical government of the island, because their policies that allow intercourse anywhere, anytime don’t sit well with his values. The visual novel won Best Scenario—as well as Best New Brand—in 2018’s annual Moe Game Awards. The sequel also won Grand Award in 2019. Last year, the game got a manga adaptation.

Source: Press Release
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