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Award-Winning Visual Novel Nukitashi to Begin Serialization in Ultra Jump

Award-winning visual novel series Nukitashi will begin serialization in Shueisha’s monthly Ultra Jump magazine this November. The official Twitter account for the game company Qruppo made the announcement. Qruppo also revealed that the manga will release a compiled physical volume in 2022.

The magazine will have three chapters of the Nukitashi manga in the December issue. The December issue is set to release on November 19, 2021. The adaptation already began on online manga service Manga Okoku on December 25, 2020, with 11 chapters available so far.

What is Nukitashi?

Nukitashi is a series of two visual novels released by Qruppo in 2018 and 2019 respectively. It is the game brand’s first game. The title stands for “抜きゲーみたいな島に住んでる貧乳(わたし)はどうすりゃいいですか? Nukige mitaina Shima ni Sunderu Hinnyuu (Watashi) wa Dousurya Iidesuka” (What should a person with a flat chest (me) do on the island that is like a NSFW game?). It has also an English tagline – Is the Island Utopia or Dystopia, while the sequel Nukitashi 2 came with this subtitle: Is the Prospect Hope or Despair?

The story of the franchise features Tachibana Junnosuke, who moves back with his sister to an island since that family left in his childhood. However, the place has completely changed. Due to a local ordinance “Dosukebe Ordinance” that allows people to have sexual intercourse anywhere. On the contrary to the rule’s concept, the protagonist is a proud virgin and obsessed to the core with a single belief. He only loves chaste women – virgins. And thus he steps into his new school life, where he’ll be faced with multiple conflicts.

Both of the games won Moe Game Award for Best Scenario and Best New Brand in 2018. The sequel also won Grand Award in 2019.

Nukitashi Manga

Mameojitan has been drawing the manga. Unlike the game, the story develops from the perspective of one of the heroines, Hotori Misaki, a girl with little to no presence, unnoticeable, for some reason.

You can check the island‘s PR video made by an in-game public interest incorporated association called Seiranto Health Organization. Senba Kouki from the SHO and its mascot character Hamedori-kun introduce the best places to visit.

Source: Official Twitter, Official Online Manga Website

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