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SHY English Dub Premieres October 16; Cast Revealed

Crunchyroll has announced that the English dub for SHY will premiere on October 16, with the eponymous hero voiced by Veronica Laux, best known for her role as Hanako Sato in Aharensan wa Hakarenai. The English dub cast for SHY includes:

  • Veronica Laux as Shy/Teru Momijiyama
  • Bryn Apprill as Iko Koishikawa
  • Natalie Rose as Spirit
  • Nazeeh Tarsha as Shrimpy
  • Molly Searcy as Unilord
  • Nia Celeste as Daigo

SHY’s English dub will be directed by Helena Walstrom, with production by Samantha Herek and scripts from Hayden Daviau.

SHY Official Trailer

The SHY anime is based on the manga of the same name by Bukimi Miki, which has been serialized in the Weekly Shonen Champion since August 2019. Yen Press licenses the manga and describes the plot as:

Earth was on the brink of a third World War when super-powered individuals came forth from each country around the globe, ending the conflict and ushering in a new era of relative peace. Among those heroes, Japan is represented by a timid young girl known as “Shy.” She may spend more time worrying about her own shortcomings than she does battling villains, but she’ll show the world that despite it all she still has the heart of a hero! 

Source: Crunchyroll
©Bukimi Miki (Akita Shoten) / SHY Production Committee

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