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Sing a Bit of Harmony Anime Film Second Promotional Video, Premiere and Cast Revealed

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On April 7, 2021, the official website for Sing a Bit of Harmony anime film posted a new promotional video. Furthermore, the video includes the premiere date and cast of the film. Likewise, it states that the film will premiere in Fall 2021.

Also, you can watch the new promotional video below:

Sing a Bit of Harmony second trailer

You can also watch the first promotional video as well:

Sing a Bit of Harmony first promotional video

Moreover, here is some of the film’s cast:

Tsuchiya as Zion Ashimori

Sing a Bit of Harmony Anime Film: Zion

Haruka Fukuhara as Satomi Amano

Sing a Bit of Harmony Anime Film: Satomi

Asuka Kudo as Tо̄ma

Sing a Bit of Harmony Anime Film: Touma

Kazuyuki Okitsu as Gocchan

Image of Gotchan

Mikako Komatsu as Aya

Image of Aya

Satoshi Hino as Thunder

Image of Thunder

What’s more, you can check out the key visual of the movie!

Sing a  Bit of Harmony official key visual
Sing a bit of Harmony key visual

Yasuhiro Yoshiura is directing the anime film and Kanna Kii is the one who drew all of the original character designs. Ichiro Okouchi together with Yoshiura is supervising the script. Also, Shuichi Shimamura is the one in charge of the character animations. Lastly, Ryō Takahashi is working with Yohei Matsui on music composition and songwriting.

The Synopsis of the story:

One day, Zion moved to Kagebe City High School. On the first day of transfer, Satomi, who was isolated in the class, suddenly started singing like a musical, saying “I’ll make you happy!” …! Zion becomes a popular person in the class due to his excellent academic ability, outstanding motor nerves and bottomless brightness, but Satomi sings regardless of where Satomi asks, “Singing is prohibited!” I’m going to get involved in a big uproar. And her singing voice ever to hope the happiness of Satomi leads to a change in was a lonely Satomi, it will move even obsession of classmates mind.

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Source: Sing a Bit of Harmony official website
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