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Sony’s ‘VERSEⁿ’ VTubers Mark First Official Collab Together on December 3

‘VERSEⁿ’, the new VTuber group made by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, has announced its first-ever official collab together, set on December 3 at 8:00PM (JST).

Through the collaboration, ‘VERSEⁿ’ VTubers Maru Nanamona, Hitoshiro Itsuki, Kagase Uno, Alba Sela, and Kashi Otoha will each deliver a ‘special announcement’ from their end. It should be recalled that ‘VERSEⁿ’ officially debuted on November 19 at various times. Part of that debut announcement was the release of ‘VERSEn – Episode | Kusou’. You can check out that MV here:

Said episode follows the story of Rin, the key character of the project, as she begins to see images of herself with the other girls in various worlds and visions of the collapsing world, which all leads to her feeling anxious after seeing them in her imagination.

‘VERSEⁿ’ previously released various story snippets of the characters on their Twitter account. You can check out the tweets below:

They have also released ‘Episode 1’ of the ‘VERSEⁿ’ story, centered around Rin, which you can read that here. It is expected that Sony Music Entertainment Japan will be releasing story episodes in the following days.

About the Sony’s ‘VERSEⁿ’ VTuber Project

The Sony ‘VERSEⁿ’ project is described as a cross-media project that was first teased to the public on November 1 this year, and they’ll be having the girls do a stream together for the first time today. You can check out their first-ever teaser here:

According to Sony Music Entertainment, the mystery surrounding the reasons behind why these 5 girls became VTubers in the real world and their stories will be revealed and told in various media.

The project also has big names working on it. These include Yukiko Horiguchi, known for character designs across anime series like K-On! and Lucky Star. In addition, maxilla, known for the opening movie of Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia and Darling in the Franxx”, also participated in the visual production.

One of the ‘VERSEⁿ’ members, Maru Nanamona, was designed by Akasaka Aka, known for his manga Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.

Source: Press Release / ‘VERSEⁿ’ Twitter / ‘VERSEⁿ’ Official Site

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