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Spy x Family Episode 3 - The Beginnings of a Lovely Family

Spy x Family episode 3 is another rollercoaster ride now that Loid, Anya, and Yor — now known as the Forgers — are all living together in one house. In addition to being a pretend family, they also have their real identities to hide from each other! I am honestly so entertained by this unusual situation and interesting dynamics, and then even more so when it’s from the telepathic point-of-view of our adorable little Anya. I mean — a spy, assassin, and a telepath as a family? I don’t know how it manages to be wholesome despite all the things that can go wrong. By the end of the episode, however, it gracefully establishes how great of a fit they all are. It’s not exactly picture-perfect as Twilight hopes it to be, but to me, it’s already splendid as it is as they grow forward together. It’s all very waku-waku (exciting)!

Spy x Family episode 3 begins with Loid and Anya welcoming Yor over to their house. The move is finished, certificates are filed, and cookies are baked — all that is left is to prepare for Anya’s Eden Academy entrance interview. It’s amusing (again) to see Twilight, the best and most experienced agent ever, be at wit’s end when faced with the ordeal that is Anya and Yor. That’s when he decides to do what must be done — to go on a family outing!

What I love about Spy x Family episode 3 is that it highlights Anya as the child she really is. Her attitude towards people, house tours, and museum paintings is very simple and innocent. As much as Twilight is trying to mold her to become mission-worthy, Anya is a perfect example of the quote, “let kids be kids.” It’s heartwarming and hilarious to see her the way she is, especially when she’s trying her best to help.

On the other hand, we have the elegant and soft Yor. Her introduction last week really left an impression on me, and it warms my heart to see her and Anya bond almost instantly. There are also the parts about her choice of clothes, weapons, and even the way she looks at sharp objects that are mentioned. With the contrast of her gentle yet killer character — Yor is easily one of my favorite female characters this season.

Another thing that’s notable in Spy x Family episode 3 is Twilight’s attitude towards his role as Loid in this mission. First off, despite being stressed, he’s very motivated to prepare the family’s image. (Remember, it’s for world peace!) At the same time, he seems really genuine when caring for and protecting Anya. The same goes for his gentlemanly gestures for Yor too. All of it makes my heart flutter, and it’s a funny thing at the end when he gets shy about receiving praise.

Personally, the best part of the episode is when they overlook the city. It’s a simple, precious, and refreshing moment — a nice breather from all the troubles. To top it off, Anya delivers another iconic punchline. And that robber? He could never stand a chance against this incredible trio. That sequence was absolutely badass.

In the end, the ending song wraps up the episode for Anya and her newfound family. If you think about it, she’s an orphan, an experiment, and a telepath — nothing about her is normal. So when the screen goes from gray to color, I can’t help but feel her happiness of being in the company of loving and caring parents. Even if it’s a pretend family, the fact that she has a Mom and Dad to come home to and do daily mundane things with is the best one right there.

The lyrics of the ending song, “Comedy,” capture these wholesome emotions perfectly. If the opening gives full-on spy/assassin vibes, this ending is fitting after an episode filled with action, laughter, and a lot of heartwarming moments from this family.

Spy x Family Episode 4 will air on Saturday, April 30, at 23:00 JST and will be available to watch with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Bilibili, and Muse Asia in select regions. You can also check out the official Twitter for special illustrations. See the ones posted by WIT Studio below:

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