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Spy x Family Episode 5 – The Greatest Spy

Each new episode has succeeded in melting our hearts with its wholesome energies but Spy x Family episode 5 may just be my favorite one! While the first minutes of it were nerve-wracking, the rest of the episode provides a lot more — and I mean a lot — excitement for celebrating Anya’s acceptance into Eden Academy. To be honest, I was basically squealing and laughing my heart out the whole time! Who wouldn’t love to see the lengths a father would go to in granting his daughter’s wish, right? Very elegant and waku waku!

At the beginning of the episode, we can see the clear contrast between the agency and the Forger family’s confidence in Operation Strix. The elegant Mr. Henderson, however, appears with the good news of them being on the waiting list. One of my favorites in this series is seeing how amusing their assassin/spy minds work, all through the point-of-view of our adorable Anya. I’m still not over how she cried last week and how her parents defended her right after. And because peace between the West and East lies on Operation Strix — on Anya, basically, — Twilight must see to his daughter’s happiness and well-being!

Undeniably, the action scenes were absolutely gorgeous to watch. Where do I even begin? Twilight/Loid AKA Loidman, was killing all of his action scenes — from jumping off bouncy balls, the rubber ball gun shoot-out, and the absolutely ridiculous belt zipline with explosions in the background. In addition, he actually got to use the agency’s resources to rent out a plane, a castle, and some extra people! I also love how Twilight was so easily embarrassed about the whole Loidman role (even though he’s nicknamed the master of disguise ), especially in front of his co-workers. I don’t know about you guys though, but when the other agents were fawning over him in action, I felt that. I really did.

Meanwhile, I find it so hilarious how Yor was basically drunk the whole time! Throughout the Loidman chase, she’s just there blushing, smiling, and hugging her bottle of alcohol. And then later, she comes out with these power moves as Yorticia the witch. (Was Twilight really worried about the witch having physical attacks? That’s what he was thinking about?) Whether it’s the alcohol at work or not, this scene just proves how strong Yor can be in a one-on-one fight. And gosh, those visuals and stances were so good! It was an awesome and cute moment to watch — very waku waku indeed.

At the end of the day, I guess we have to thank Uncle Franky. Without his annoying teasing and commitment to his acting role, the Loidman adventure would not have been possible. I also have to mention how cute Anya’s deadpan acting was. (“Loidman, help me.”) The animation was truly superb and I cannot praise CloverWorks and WIT Studio enough. Spy x Family episode 5 was such a crazy and fun episode. especially when it ends so wholesomely as it did. I definitely had a blast watching this episode.

In case you missed it, the insert song during Loidman’s epic (and elegant) action scene is “TBD” by Know Name. There is also an episode 5 visual which, honestly, is super duper wholesome and cute. Lastly, new cast members will be joining next week’s episode. Spy x Family episode 6 will air on Saturday, May 14, at 23:00 JST and will be available to watch with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, Netflix Muse Asia, and Bilibili in select regions.

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