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Suzuko Mimori Announces Move to the United States

On May 1, voice actress and singer, Suzuko Mimori, announced that she was moving to the United States of America. She made the announcement on her official X account where she left a message to her fans.

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In the announcement, Mimori said she will move to the U.S. this summer. She will continue her career as both a voice actress and singer but acknowledges that she may not be able to do everything as she did before, will cherish the characters she voiced, and will continue to do her best. Mimori also stated that although she will be physically far away, she would like to be close to everyone through her social media accounts and other means. Mimori thanked her fans for their continued support and hopes to see everyone again when she returns to Japan.

At the time of this writing, Mimori’s post had over 1,000 replies and was seen over one million times. Her message was received warmly, with fans and colleagues giving her their support for her decision. 

Mimori’s announcement to move to the U.S. this summer was due to her professional pro-wrestler Kazuchika Okada, also known as “Rainmaker,” signing a contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in March 2024. Okada made his debut at the AEW on March 6

Suzuko Mimori is a famous Japanese voice actress and singer affiliated with HiBiKi Cast. She started her voice acting career in 2008 and has voiced several notable roles. Some of her roles included Love Live’s Umi Sonoda, Milky Holmes’s Sherlock Shellingford, Revue Starlight’s Hikari Kagura, and Healin’ Good Pretty Cure’s Asumi Fuurin/Cure Earth. In 2013, Mimori debuted as a solo artist with her debut song, “Aitai yo…Aitai yo! (I Want to See You…I Want to See You!). Mimori married Okada in 2019 and in 2022, they welcomed their first child.

Source: Suzuko Mimori’s Official X/Twitter
Featured image: ©︎CrosSing

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