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Mimori Suzuko Covers Anohana's "Secret Base"

Voice actress and singer Mimori Suzuko, known for her role as Umi Sonoda in the idol franchise Love Live!, covered the “Secret Base” song on the CrosSing YouTube channel on Wednesday. The said song was the ending theme of the drama anime series Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day which aired in 2011 and was animated by studio A-1 Pictures.

Mimori Suzuko singing “Secret Base”

Mimori Suzuko is the voice behind characters in anime like Umi Sonoda from Love Live! School Idol Project, Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Kiss, Hikari Kagura in Revue Starlight, Sherlock Shellingford in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, and Mimori Togo from Yuki Yuna Is a Hero. Aside from anime, she also voiced video game characters such as Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact, Fartooth in Arknights, Kafka and Micheal in Alchemy Stars, Namiko in Azur Lane, and Hiyoribo in Onmyoji. The voice actress also released 5 albums and 11 singles (3 are limited editions) under the Pony Canyon label.

CrosSing is a cover song project that aims to bring together artists from various fields such as voice actors, anime song artists, VTubers, and 2.5D actors to perform hit songs. Previously, they hosted Kana HanazawaYui IshikawaAkari KitoMasayoshi Oishi, Ayana Taketatsu, and many more.

Source: CrosSing YouTube channel

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