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Takehito Koyasu Announces First New Album in 15 Years

Takehito Koyasu has announced a new album, his first in over 15 years. In his monthly radio show, which Koyasu hosts with his son Koki, the voice actor and singer announced the new album to the fans. The album, titled “New Flavour,” will provide the theme songs to Alidoro, an original voice drama written by Takehito Koyasu himself. The album is set to release on March 23rd, 2023.

Takehito Koyasu’s “New Flavour” – Album Cover

The album will have one version with first edition purchases including a special jacket print. It will have a total of six songs, with instrumental versions also included. The album features various genres of music such as pop rock, EDM, heavy rock, and more which are all listed on the art sonic website. The songs from the album are featured in Takehito Koyasu’s voice drama and each song matches the developing story. The retail price of the album is listed at 2,400 yen ($17.60).

Takehito Koyasu’s Stageplay Alidoro where the songs feature

Takehito Koyasu is one of the most prolific seiyuu with hundreds of roles across various anime series. His most popular roles include Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Shinsuke Takasugi from Gintama, Zeke from Attack on Titan, Excalibur from Soul Eater, and Ryosuke Takahashi from Initial D. He placed 8th in the Summer 2022 Seiyuu of the Season rankings with 4.68% of the votes for his roles as Ojisan from Isekai Ojisan and Gabriel from The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2.

Source: Official Art Sonic Website, Official Alidoro Website
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