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takt op. Destiny Episode 4: Harmonic Training

“takt op. Destiny” episode 4 brings the harmonic action to Sin City, Las Vegas. Except, in this case, it’s called Las Vegas Farms. Not really what we were expecting, was it? Instead of post-apocalyptic casinos, we got to see green and refreshing cornfields. It’s actually funny to think about. What are the other places like?

In addition, the episode revolves around Takt and Destiny’s basic training from Lenny. He also gives helpful and kind advice to them. After they discover an illegal underground casino, it becomes clear that the Conductor and Maestro are ready to go to New York City on their own. I personally really love Lenny and Titan’s personalities so I’m sad to part ways with them. However, I am also excited to see the story converge with the first episode soon!

The amount of action and story is balanced again this week. It’s still very entertaining though, especially with Titan’s cuteness overload. (But, she looked scary in the end with the owner.) Also, you just gotta love how Cosette/Destiny adorably destroys everything in her way. I related very much to Takt who was calmy amused and Anna who was visibly stressed. An absolute mood. When the fighting began, I honestly thought to myself, “Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, 4th movement has never been this epic.”

The best part about “takt op. Destiny” episode 4 is how it explains the significance of music, not only to musicians but to the listeners as well. Lenny said that “Music brings happiness to people, regardless of the era. It connects everyone’s minds, soothes the pain, offers courage, and builds the future. Music illuminates people’s hearts. Am I right?” It’s true, don’t you think so too?

Lenny’s character is quirky but this moment really highlights how amazing he is. I’m really curious to see how Takt will grow into becoming a Conductor of his own. Hopefully next week, we’ll be able to finally reach New York City! There are so many questions that need answers. For example, how did the D2 appear at the casino again? I have a hunch that these situations are not by coincidence anymore…

Check out LAM’s illustration of Lenny as a celebration for this week’s episode on Twitter:

takt op. Destiny Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of “takt op. Destiny” will air on November 2, at 24:00 JST, while the subtitled version will stream an hour later on Crunchyroll and VRV. You can also watch it on Ani-one, and Amazon in select regions. If you enjoy it, don’t forget to vote for it in our weekly poll!


Set in New York City, in the year 2047. The world was destroyed in a war with a mysterious monster D2, which was created out of Black Night Meteorite that fell from the sky. Magical girls, “Musicarts” fight against the monster, while being led by the “Conductor”. Their goal is to bring music back to the destroyed world.

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