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takt op. Destiny Episode 7: The Bad Guy

Finally, some plot development! takt op. Destiny episode 7 serves a dramatic reveal that we have been waiting for. Both Sagan and Schindler make their moves, and apparently, Takt is in the middle of Symphonia’s problems. With every new episode, Symphonia becomes more and more suspicious… Who exactly is the villain?

At this point in the anime though, it’s actually easy to see how Schindler would antagonize Takt, especially after his squabble with Sagan. Schindler’s huge ego and sense of self-importance as the Maestro’s right-hand man make him an arrogant and proud character. He’s definitely bound to cause trouble soon.

takt op. Destiny episode 7 continues to show how Destiny is growing to become her own person. It’s nice to see how she’s learning kindness and empathy. Talk about character development! Anna, however, is hurting because of this. Who wouldn’t? It’s hard to heal and grieve when she’s not exactly Cossette anymore…

Meanwhile, Takt is preoccupied with his first musical composition. (Takt and his eyebags are an absolute mood.) He remembers his father and thinks hard about not how, but “who” to make music for. His determination is fascinating and the melodica makes the process a lot cuter. That and Destiny’s sweets recommendations.

After some defeating some D2, the Chief Conductor Schindler and Musicart Hell appear in an overdramatic fashion! Trouble came sooner than I thought! But wait…that’s the same tuning fork from the second episode!? Apparently, Schindler believes in genocide and has no guilt for necessary sacrifices. He also said that Takt was disturbing his plans. When Schindler said what he said, I was furious. Takt’s expression gave me goosebumps — rage and pain have been unleashed! It’s as if all the past heartfelt and bittersweet episodes were made for this impactful reveal.

Honestly, I feel a bit conflicted about this early villain reveal. Unless of course, the plot thickens much more and Symphonia is deep in corruption or something. All in all, this week was a really interesting episode. I definitely enjoyed the English expressions, the neck crack, and how cute Cosette/Destiny is. Moreover, I appreciate how their taking to light how Anna feels too. Hopefully, Takt will learn to respect and appreciate his loved ones. I’m also low-key wishing he would dedicate his music to Cossette. Those flashbacks of her smiles were heart-wrenching. Also, the art and aesthetic were beautiful this week! I really love the vibe it gives.

Lastly, I’m really excited to see the Hell vs Destiny battle next week. It’s gonna be an epic Musicart battle! (Sort of reminds me of Pokemon?) I’m also wondering if Lenny finally has evidence and will arrive in time to help Takt. The ending of the episode was definitely a cliffhanger! Thankfully, the original character designer LAM posted an amazing illustration of Hell for this week’s episode. Check it out on Twitter:

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takt op. Destiny Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of takt op. Destiny will air on November 23, at 24:00 JST, while the subtitled version will stream an hour later on Crunchyroll and VRV. You can also watch it on Ani-one, and Amazon in select regions.


Set in New York City, in the year 2047. The world was destroyed in a war with a mysterious monster D2, which was created out of Black Night Meteorite that fell from the sky. Magical girls, “Musicarts” fight against the monster, while being led by the “Conductor”. Their goal is to bring music back to the destroyed world.

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