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Takt Op Destiny Reveals Cosette Schneider Character Design

Takt Op Destiny (takt op.Destiny) showed us Cosette Schneider and her relationship with Takt before she became a Musicart in the last episode. We saw how they got closer to each other, only for everything to change in the blink of an eye. With the drastic difference between Cosette and her new personality as Destiny, the official twitter released a separate character design:

Takt Op Destiny – Cosette Schneider Character Design

Cosette description: Born in France. Escaped the war and moved to America three years ago. Her favorite food is Tarte Tatin made by Anna. We previously had 2 versions for Destiny, in her normal and Musicart modes:

Destiny’s description is: Despite her ladylike appearance, her facial expressions rarely change and her tone of voice is always respectful. She looks pretty at first glance, but when she opens her mouth, her tongue is full of bitterness, and she has an unconventional personality with a sweet tooth. She and her partner, the conductor Tact, have a tragic past.

Wakayama Shion voices Cosette Schneider/Destiny, while Uchiyama Kouki voices Takt. Crunchyroll and Ani-one stream the anime, and 2 episodes are available as of October 12. The synopsis of the story:

With monsters called D2 rampaging all around the world, the only ones who can stop them are young women who hold the power of music, the “Musicarts”, led by “Conductors”. The story follows Destiny, a girl who wants to destroy the D2, paired with Takt, who aims to bring music back into the world.

Source: Takt Op Destiny Twitter & Website

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