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Tengoku Daimakyo: Heavenly Delusion - Thrilling Premiere

When you write and follow animes new regularly, there are always a few titles that stand out before they even premiere and one such show is Heavenly Delusion (also known as Tengoku Daimakyo). The initial announcement was fine, but each new trailer brought up the excitement up a notch. And here we are today after the thrilling first episode and I can say with confidence that this will probably be one of the strongest premieres of this season.

The Two Clashing Worlds

Heavenly Delusion introduces us to two contrasting worlds: a clean, high-tech school in which children can learn, grow, eat, and do everything else that one might need for a healthy and happy life; and a monster-ridden post-apocalyptic outside world where survival is a must. Tokio is one of the students in the school and her daily life is only interrupted by her friend Haruhime, whose intuition allows her to predict unexpected events. However, Tokio’s routine is shaken up by an unexpected test that ends with a peculiar question “Do you want to go outside of the outside?” which leads her to start asking questions.

Meanwhile, Kiruko and Maru are outside: Kiruko was hired to escort Maru in a search for “Heaven” even though he has admirable survival skills himself. The two face dangers while looking for supplies and food but strike gold when they find a farm/inn in the countryside. Kiruko, who is unsuccessfully searching for two men, is a skilled fighter and a bodyguard, but even she fails to see the danger that comes from the innkeeper – a lone woman. As our two travelers fall asleep, presumably from medication the innkeeper put in their food, a “Man-Eater” monster flies to the inn, and back at the school, Tokio learns about the existence of the hellish outside world.

Tengoku Daimakyo: Heavenly Delusion Premiere Hooks You Immediately

I have not read the manga so I am going into this anime blindly. Heavenly Delusion feels like a story that fans of Made in Abyss and Promised Neverland might enjoy. There is the mysterious outside with some truly terrible people (maybe the woman was trying to protect the kids) and a creepy school that doesn’t look too terrible on the surface but somehow feels sinister. And the monsters, like the Man-Eater, definitely have that Made in Abyss vibe:

The first episode had some stunning visuals and music (don’t get me started on that opening). Production I.G is animating the series and the staff is filled with some well-known names. Disney and Hulu are streaming the anime and the availability is, finally, on a satisfying level as the series is available worldwide (never forget Summer Time Rendering). This was only the first episode but I am already hooked and I can’t wait to see where the story goes. All that is left to find out is which world is heaven and which is hell.

Screenshots via Disney+
© Heavenly Delusion Production Committee

Note: There appears to be an issue with the anime’s availability on Hulu in the United States. Disney+ is streaming the anime outside of the US.

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