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Terror in Resonance Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Shinichiro Watanabe’s Terror in Resonance anime is turning 10 this year and to celebrate the milestone, the series launched a website dedicated to the anniversary and revealed a new visual. Watanabe directed the series at studio MAPPA. Terror in Resonance, also known as Terror in Tokyo and Zankyou no Terror, aired from July 10 to September 25 for 11 episodes.

The 10th-anniversary visual features two Terror in Resonance protagonists: Nine (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa) and Twelve (voiced by Soma Saito). The main cast also included Atsumi Tanezaki as Lisa Mishima and Megumi Han as Five.

Kazuto Nakazawa was both the character designer and the chief animation director of the series. Yoko Kanno composed the music. Terror in Resonance used to be available on Crunchyroll and Funimation, but it no longer is.

The story is set in Tokyo after a horrific terrorist attack. The culprit is a mystery but they did leave behind a video online. Teenager Lisa meets two mysterious boys just as paranoia and fear start rising.

Shinichiro Watanabe, Kaito Ishikawa, and Soma Saito issued statements for the anniversary celebration of Terror in Resonance (spoilers ahead). Watanabe said:
I have never forgotten them, ever since that summer year ten ago. Of course, they still live within me and I will be lamenting about how hot it is again this year.

The voice actors praised the series for its depth and revealed that they have watched it many times since its original broadcast.

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