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That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime Episode 29: Falmuth Makes Its Move

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Last week, we saw Rimuru and his friends enjoy a bit of relaxing while trouble brewed elsewhere. This week, in Slime Episode 5, we see that trouble begin to unfold. Myulan, the mage that joined Youm’s party, and the Kingdom of Falmuth both have some important things going on this week. As usual, we’ll be unpacking the episode below, so there will most definitely be spoilers.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime Episode 5 screenshot via Crunchyroll

First, let’s talk about the major player revealed towards the end of last week’s episode. The Kingdom of Falmuth has the Western Holy Church on their side. Their huge numbers are also supplemented by their craftiness. The council of Falmuth decided to use trickery to make the nation of monsters look bad in the eyes of all others. To accomplish this, they have sent three Otherworlders to Tempest.

We don’t know too much about these Otherworlders. Shogo seems to be the de-facto leader of the group. He’s hotheaded (we saw him roundhouse kick a chair for no reason last week) and openly displays his thoughts and emotions on his face. Kirara may not share his traits, but she shares some of his opinions. Last week, they both made it clear they could not care any less about this world and its people. They also harbor no love for the King of Falmuth. We do not know the third member’s name (unless I’ve missed it), but we can already see plenty about him. He has a strong facade of submission and complacency, but within that is deep hatred and cunning.

Upon arriving in Tempest, the Otherworlders immediately start trying to provoke the people of the nation by making false accusations. Shuna is able to neutralize some of the magic they attempt to use, and requests they leave the nation. Without revealing too much, they refuse to leave just yet.

However, these three aren’t the only potential threats in Tempest.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime Episode 5 screenshot via Crunchyroll

Another Problem Arises in ‘Slime’ Episode 5

Myulan is also up to something in ‘Slime’ episode 5. It’s clear that, although she has begun to develop some sort of feelings for Youm, she is in a tight situation. As we know, she’s been sent by Demon Lord Clayman. We find out in this episode that Clayman has also taken her heart. And no, not in the “she loves him” way; he seems to physically possess her heart. Naturally, this, combined with her fear of the power of Demon Lord Clayman, is enough for Myulan to do his bidding against her wishes. The only question that remains now is, will she be able to overcome his will and assert her own? I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

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