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The Backstory Of The Birthday Girl, Sora Amamiya

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Sora Amamiya (commonly called as Ten-chan) is a voice actress and singer in Japan who is affiliated with Music Ray’n. She voiced Aqua from Konosuba, Akame from Akame ga Kill, Chizuru Ichinose from Rent-A-Girfriend, Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul, Isla from Plastic Memories, Miia from Monster Musume and Elizabeth Liones from The Seven Deadly Sins. We made a post to celebrate her birthday, where you can see some of her most notable roles.

Sora Amamiya characters feature from Anime Corner
Anime Corner feature for Sora Amamiya

Small backstory

Sora Amamiya decided to become a voice actress when she was a sophomore in high school. It happened after discovering a video collection of roles of Miyuki Sawashiro, the voice actress of Sinon, Bishamon, Celty, and more. In 2011, she passes an audition held by Music Ray’n together with Momo Asakura and Shiina Natsukawa. They later went on to become her fellow members in the seiyuu unit called Trysail. A year after, the three made their voice acting debuts.

Image from Trysail’s official Twitter, featuring Momo, Shiina and Sora

In 2014, her career as a voice actress skyrocketed as she voiced a lot of major roles. One of her biggest ones at the time was Akame from Akame ga Kill. she also performed the series’ opening theme, “Skyreach“. Others were Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul, Elizabeth Liones from The Seven Deadly Sins, Asseylum Vers Allusia from Aldnoah.Zero, and Kaori Fujimiya, her first major role from the series One Week Friends, where she also performed the series’ ending theme, Kanade, a single by Sukima Switch in 2004.

In the following year, she received more major roles. Some of them: Isla from Plastic Memories, Miia from Monster Musume, and Mayuri from Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement. After performing all of those at a high caliber, she received the Best New Actress Award at the 9th Seiyuu Awards in March 2015.


On September 7, 2016, she released her first solo album “Various BLUE“. It included the themes from Akame ga Kill, and peaked at number 7 in the Oricon weekly charts. Two years later, she released another album called “The Only BLUE”. That one peaked at number 6 on the same chart. Her new album called “Paint it, BLUE” will officially release on September 2, 2020. Her new album will include the opening theme song of Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, “Paradox”, and the ending theme of The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods, “Regeneration”.

Source: Trysail Twitter

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