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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 19 Preview Released

The Case Study of Vanitas episode 19 previews are finally released and the climax of the season is here! Last week’s episode had a lot of action and suspense, and an emotional finale to top it off! Jean-Jacques and Chloé have reunited, as well as Vanitas and his grimoire. It is finally time for him to fulfill his promise to Jeanne. The next episode is titled, “Canorus− Snow Flower.”

Together with five preview images, the website teases a synopsis for The Case Study of Vanitas episode 19. Vanitas cannot cure Chloé if she’s unwilling so Jeanne chases after her. Meanwhile, Noé continues his battle with Astolfo. The episode will be released on FridayFebruary 25, at 24:00 JST. The English subtitled versions will also be available later on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili in select regions. Watch the preview video:

In case you missed it, the official The Case Study of Vanitas soundtrack is now available! If you’re in Japan, you can get different freebies depending on which store you purchase it from. The soundtrack album comes with 3 CDs, a booklet, and a cover illustration featuring Vanitas and Noé by Jun Mozuchi. Visit the website for more details. You can also check the announcement below:

The Case Study of Vanitas is a manga by Jun Mozuchi which follows the story of vampire Noé Archiviste as he joins Vanitas on his quest to cure all curse-bearing vampires. It also has an anime and a stageplay adaption. Studio BONES is animating the series.

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Source: The Case Study of Vanitas Official Website
©Jun Mochizuki/SQUARE ENIX, “Vanitas no Carte” Production Committee

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