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The Dangers in My Heart Episode 2 Preview Images and Video Released

The Dangers in My Heart TV anime released preview images and video for episode 2 which premieres on Sunday, April 9. The upcoming episode is titled “I’m Dead” and continues to follow the silly interactions between Ichikawa and Yamada in the school library. You will be able to watch episode 2 on HiDIVE.

Studio Shin-Ei Animation is animating the series with Hiroaki Akagi as the director. Jukki Hanada is supervising the series composition, Masato Katsumata is doing the character designs, and Kensuke Ushio composing the music. Watch the episode 2 preview video:

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 2 – Preview Video

Yorushika is singing the opening song and Kohana Lam is in charge of the ending theme. The cast consists of the following:

  • Shun Horie as Kyotaro Ichikawa
  • Hina Youmiya as Anna Yamada
  • Ayaka Asai as Chihiro Kobayashi
  • Megumi Han as Moeko Sekine
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Serina Yoshida
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Adachi Shou
  • Aki Toyosaki as Honoka Hara
  • Yukari Tamura as Kana Ichikawa
  • Gen Satou as Kenta Kanzaki
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Haruya Nanjo
  • Jun Fukushima as Chikara Ota

HiDIVE is streaming the anime and they describe it as follows:
Fascinated by the macabre, Kyotaro fantasizes about acting on his twisted thoughts to the detriment of his classmates. His heart was dark until an encounter with Anna lit a spark within it in a classic tale of boy meets girl.

Source: Official Website and Twitter
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