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The Detective Is Already Dead Anime Revealed New Information

The previously announced The Detective Is Already Dead anime has revealed a lot of new information about the show! Yes, on the same day just right after the announcement first announcement. Cast and a new key visual, which you can see below, got released!

They also released the character designs for the main characters along with their voice casts!

The Cast

  • Saki Miyashita as Siesta
  • Shin Nagai as Kimitsuka Kimihiko
  • Ayana Taketatsu as Nagisa Natsunagi
  • Kanon Takao as Yui Saikawa
  • Saho Shirasuna as Charlotte Arisaka Anderson
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Bat
  • Takehito Koyasu as Chameleon

In addition, they also released the production team! Studio ENGI will be animating the whole anime! If you don’t know who studio ENGI is, they did the animation for Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai and Kemono Michi: Rise Up. Additionally, they also just opened the official website for the upcoming anime! The author also commented on his series getting an anime adaptation!

Nigojuu’s Comment

As of now, there is no confirmed date for the premiere, and we still have to wait for the promotional video that they will show us! We can’t wait for this anime! In addition, the 2nd new key visual will be released on February 20!

To know more about The Detective Is Already Dead Anime you can check their official website here!

Source: The Detective is dead Light Novel Twitter
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