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The Fantastical Setup of The Magical Revolution Premiere

What do you do when you find out your fiancé is cheating on you? You get back at them by cheating on them with their own sister! The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady anime adaptation is here, and while it may seem like another typical fantasy isekai, the first episode of the series proved that it is going to be more than what the overly long title offers. Light novel readers know that what makes it unique and separates it from others in its genre are the creative twists in the story and the blossoming relationship between the two main characters, whose paths collide.

The premiere episode brilliantly introduces the three pivotal characters in the story. In the very first scene, we get to meet Anisphia, the reincarnated princess who’s heavily obsessed with magic but is unable to use it. However, this doesn’t stop her from occasionally wreaking havoc in the kingdom and constantly staining the royal image due to her ways of trying to obtain magic. Despite her chaoticness, she radiates this contagious enthusiasm that makes you want to cheer for her dreams and wishes no matter how dangerous it is for the reputation of the royal family. At times, we also get a glimpse of her past self before she was reincarnated which explains her obsession with magic, as it was non-existent in her past life. Of course, her passion for magic bloomed even further when she got to meet Euphyllia when they were young.

And Euphyllia is a completely different story. The genius young lady from the title is more composed, reserved, and possesses royal etiquette that can not be compared to Anisphia’s. What makes her even more different from the princess is that she’s extremely skilled and talented with magic. Even though this lady contains all these appealing and lovely attributes this doesn’t stop the third character introduced in the episode, prince Algard, from breaking up with her.

Similar to his former fiancée, Prince Algard also portrays the quality of royal decorum. But, the problem lies within his inferiority complex from her sister Anisphia. Not a lot was shown when it comes to his magical capabilities, but while he tries to act as princely as possible, his eccentric sister continuously breaks the rules and rains on his parade. He may be portrayed as of now the “villain” of the show due to how he publicly embarrassed Euphyllia, but all signs point to the prince being jealous of her rowdy sister and he too wants a piece of freedom from status.

What makes the premiere of Magical Revolution stand out wasn’t just the remarkable introduction of the three characters but how their stories were pieced and intertwined altogether. While the storytelling was definitely amazing, the visuals of the first episode weren’t that exceptional, with backgrounds and animation eerily similar to standard isekai shows. When it comes to important scenes though, the series suddenly shifts to a cinematic experience that feels magical such as when Aniphia met Euphyllia for the first time when they were young and the time when Anisphia sweeps in to rescue the damsel in distress, Euphyllia. 

Overall, the premiere of Magical Revolution was very promising. The setup was fantastic, the characters are well fleshed out and the dynamic of the main duo is completely enjoyable to witness. We may just see Anisphia and Euphyllia at the end of the episode but their chemistry is already spot on and I for sure cannot wait for their revolution to unfold.

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