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The Faraway Paladin Reveals New Trailer and Key Visual

The Faraway Paladin, upcoming anime from studio Children’s Playground Entertainment, has revealed a new trailer along with a key visual. The anime begins airing on October 9, 2021.

The new trailer features more of the Faraway Paladin cast, while also introducing some new characters:

Voice actors for Bee (Eri Suzuki) and Tonio (Kouji Yusa) were also revealed, along with their character art:

Yuu Nobuta is directing the anime, with Kouji Haneda on character designs. Tatsuya Takahashi is in charge of series composition, while Lee Seo-Gu is the art director. Keigo Hoashi and MONACA’s Ryuuichi Takada are composing the music for The Faraway Paladin anime.

The anime is based on a light novel by Kanata Yanagino, with Kususaga Rin’s illustrations, that started serialization in 2016 in Overlap Bunko magazine. A manga adaptation also started publishing in 2017.

The anime is a part of Crunchyroll’s Fall 2021 Lineup and they describe the plot as:
In the ruined city of the dead far from human civilization lives a single human child named Will. He is raised by three undead: Blood the heroic skeleton warrior, Mary the ladylike mummy priestess, and Gus the crotchety ghost wizard. The three of them teach the boy what they know and pour their love into him. One day, the boy begins to wonder, “Who am I?” Will uncovers the mysteries of the undead hidden in this faraway land. He learns of the love and mercy of good gods, as well as the paranoia and madness of evil gods. And once he learns it all, the boy embarks on the path to becoming a Paladin.

Source: Official Website
©Kanata Yanagino, OVERLAP/The Faraway Paladin Production Committee

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