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The Forgers Family Figure Bundle by Figurama Opens for Pre-Orders on October 28

SPY x FAMILY bundle featuring the three Forger family members – Loid, Yor, and Anya, the latest set from Figurama Collectors. will be opening for pre-orders on October 28 at 11 pm JST. Figurama is known for figures of characters from many popular franchises, and their products generally sell out quickly (within 24 hours). You can see all the details about the SPY x FAMILY figure on their website as the pre-order date approaches.

SPY x FAMILY – Figurama Collectors Bundle

Besides the three main figures, which you can also purchase individually, there are also customizable elements featuring Bond and enamel pins. They describe the set:
The Forger Family statue set features Loid Forger, Anya Forger, and Yor Forger.  Each character statue comes with a matching base, so your collection of the Forger family will be cohesive and highly complementary of one another when displayed on your shelves! 

The bundle is priced at $750, and you can get $35 off using our code ACSXF. Meanwhile, the individual figures for Loid and Yor are priced at $275 a piece, while Anya goes for $200 (but comes without the store bundle exclusive Bond).

If you are interested in the figures, make sure to be ready when the pre-orders open on October 28! SPY x FAMILY anime is currently on its second season and you can catch new episodes every Saturday.
DISCLAIMER: Anime Corner is a promotional partner of Figurama Collectors.

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