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The New Good Smile Albedo Figure Brings the Heat

Did you know that 2023 was the hottest year on record? With mega-droughts on every habitable continent, wildfires raging, permafrost melting, and icebergs just floating around waiting to Titanic another boat. It’s easy for one to start feeling climate anxious. Some may even say “How dare you?” and demand companies start worrying about global temperatures.

But, that worry is one that’s completely lost on some, as the new Good Smile Albedo Figure is set to make temperatures soar another 5°C.

Featuring Overlord‘s famed succubus. The new Good Smile Company Albedo figure is sculpted by GSAS and manufactured by Good Smile Arts Shanghai. The new 1/7 scale will ship sometime in 2025’s second quarter and is what industry professionals call a “showpiece.” Featuring Albedo in a striking and alluring pose—the kind of pose that brings about irresponsible financial decisions.

The figure, aptly titled “What should I do about my clothes?” shows Albedo in a negligee and includes just the right amount of translucent parts. It’s the type of thing you put right at the entrance to your house so people can comment on how high-class you are when they walk in.

If you buy it, it makes others think you regularly attend wine tasting and eat fancy cheeses. And that you are a part of a yacht club and play tennis in your time off, and most importantly. That you know how to pronounce the word “tapenade.” Best of all, the little luxury that is the new Good Smile Albedo Figure will only set you back around 144 USD (shipping and taxes excluded.)

Now up to 4 seasons, with various OVAs, movies (Overlord: The Holy Kingdom coming in 2024) and side stories, Overlord chronicles the life of a lonely weeb who, having nothing better to do with his time, decided to stay logged into his favorite game until its end of service (ahh, memories of that last week of SIFAS). But when the game ended, instead of a black screen, he found himself reincarnated as his character, and much like with Pinky and the Brain, world dominance is the only thing on his agenda.

Source: Goodsmile Company US
©Kugane Maruyama, KADOKAWA / Overlord 4 Production Committee

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