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The Promised Neverland Creators to Bring New One-Shot to Shonen Jump

This past Monday, in the year’s combined 33rd and 34th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, fans received amazing news. Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, creators of The Promised Neverland, will publish a special one-shot in the magazine’s next issue. This means that on August 2nd, fans of the award-winning dark fantasy series will have some fresh content from these authors. The one-shot, titled “DC3”, will be 49 pages of “sci-fi action” and include a center color page. While not a continuation of The Promised Neverland, this new story is likely to feature some of the core elements emblematic to the series.

Last year, in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 35th issue, the authors published a one-shot manga in a similar fashion. That story, titled Supernatural Photographer Saburō Kōno, focused on a photographer documenting a supernatural event inside of a room. The Promised Neverland launched in August of 2016 and ended in June of 2020. Additionally, an anime adaptation premiered in January of 2019 with a second season airing on January 7th of this year and ending in the Spring. So, this one-shot is something of a return for these fantastic creators. If the new one-shot is anything like the last, fans can expect something incredible.

This one-shot is welcome news for followers of Shirai and Demizu. As many fans likely recall, The Promised Neverland’s second anime season received negative reactions. The story deviated sharply from the manga source material. As a result, many felt caught off guard with a different (and arguably inferior) anime story. Hopefully, this new one-shot will be an exciting consolation that holds true to both creators’ unique, incredible style.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 33/34 via Anime News Network | ©白井カイウ・出水ぽすか/集英社

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