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The Right Stuf Store Set To Fully Merge With Crunchyroll Store

The Right Stuf store is becoming one with the Crunchyroll Store on October 10, as revealed in an email sent to Crunchyroll “partners.” Crunchyroll acquired The Right Stuf store in August of last year: full integration was always the plan. As a reminder, Crunchyroll absorbed Funimation and Wakanim brands in March of 2022 – after getting acquired by Sony-owned Funimation.

Users will still be able to purchase items listed on The Right Stuf store but at the Crunchyroll store. The annual Holiday sale will also be rebranded into the Crunchyroll Holiday sale, which is slated for later this year. Crunchyroll promises to pursue exclusive partnerships that will benefit fans and those who buy the products listed on their store.

Crunchyroll is a streaming service that originally started off as a pirate streaming website. After an extensive rebrand, they became one of the top legal streaming services for anime content in the West. In August of 2021, Funimation acquired Crunchyroll after a lengthy legal proceeding. The deal, valued at $1.175 billion, was first announced in December 2020. Prior to the acquisition, Funimation merged with AnimeLab. Wakanim and Crunchyroll’s VRV were also involved in the deal.

Due to Crunchyroll’s brand, Funimation, Wakanim, and VRV ended up merging with it and unifying under one brand. Today, Crunchyroll has not only a successful anime streaming platform and the aforementioned store but also a VTuber and successful anime awards program.

Anime Corner reached out to Crunchyroll for comment.

UPDATE: Crunchyroll confirmed the news in a press release, stating that starting October 10, the Crunchyroll Store will offer fans a collection of over 30,000 products, featuring more than 4,000 titles including manga, home video, and plushies.

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