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Hu Tao: Fragrance in Thaw Figure Joins the Stunning Genshin Impact Lineup

Sometimes, a character speaks to you. In their movements, mannerisms, and likes, you see yourself. You instantly bond with them, as you know they’re a kindred soul. The term comfort character doesn’t quite fit in this situation. It’s not someone who eases you after a long day, but someone who reminds you of the best parts of you. For this writer, in the Genshin Impact world, that’s Hu Tao. After all, she doesn’t get along with others, loves seafood, good cemetery plot and funeral deals, and jaunts between here and the afterlife. It’s basically me as a cute waifu. And if you’re like me and want to fawn over a waifu that reminds you of yourself, then Apex Toys’ Hu Tao: Fragrance in Thaw figure is for you.

For a low low LOW price of $235 (via Crunchyroll, this figure changes price a lot depending on what website you buy it from), you can own this beautiful Hu Tao figure. Part of Apex Toys’ scale figure line, the 27 cm (10.62 inches) tall PVC figure is estimated to ship in 2026’s second quarter via Crunchyroll. But it can be pre-ordered through other sites that ship towards the end of 2025. In addition to Hu Tao,w ho is wielding her signature Staff of Homa, the figure also features Boo, her ghost familiar.

But no matter where you buy it, know that it’s not only a luxury purchase; it’s an investment. It’s the kind of thing that you either take to the grave so it guides you to the afterlife. Or something you let your kids fight over once you give up the ghost. Not because they actually want it, but because you didn’t leave it to anyone in your will, and they know you loved it more than you loved them.

Never played Genshin Impact? No worries; still fork out that $235 and buy the Hu Tao: Fragrance in Thaw figure. I’ve never played it and never will, but you can bet about three fiddy that I drop money on their waifu merch. And if you want to be happy, you should too. And while you wait for Genshin Impact to drop the highly anticipated Natlan region, refresh your memory about the previously announced animated project with studio ufotable.

Source: Crunchyroll Store

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