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Get Your Exercise in With Kana Arima's Bell Pepper Figure

Don’t you love it when a chibi waifu dons a broccoli outfit and does that world-renowned “broco broco broccoli” dance? Oh, wait a minute. Scratch that, wrong anime. That’s Roko from Dropout Idol Fruit Tart, this is Kana Arima from OSHI NO KO. Much like Roko, the star child actress can lick baking soda just like that also donned a vegetable suit which only furthered her fame. And she did so in the cutest of ways by cosplaying a bell pepper and teaching everyone gymnastics. If you were a fan of Kana’s gig, you’re in luck, as with the upcoming Vivit’s Kana Arima Bell Pepper Gymnastics figure you can always have a reminder.

For the low price of $27 ($26.99), you can scoop up your very own bell pepper Kana, complete with a cute little dancing bell pepper. Expected to ship sometime in March 2025, the cute little figure stands 6.7 inches tall and is part of System Service’s Vivit figure line. With pre-orders open until June 25, you have enough time to make extra cash by panhandling, petty theft, or selling roadside hotdogs.

Plus, buying a Vivit’s Kana Arima Bell Pepper Gymnastics figure comes with some sweet perks. Not only do you have a sweet kawaii figure, but you also get a magical buff that lets you eat all your vegetables! Which means a healthier diet and a healthier you!

Streaming on HIDIVE, OSHI NO KO is one of Doga Kobo’s most popular titles to date. Although seemingly just another idol show, OSHI NO KO comes out swinging so hard that you’re on the ground before you even know what is happening. The 11-episode show aired as part of last year’s spring line-up with an extended premiere and has a second season scheduled for summer 2024. And goes from light-hearted to murder, revenge, suicide, and baking soda licking. A true work of art if there ever was one.

Source: Good Smile Company
©Aka Akasaka x Mengo Yokoyari/Shueisha, “OSHI NO KO” Partners

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