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Kujico x Gushing Over Magical Girls White Black Lottery Announced

Feeling the pre-summer blues? Are life’s doldrums hitting you hard as of late? Wish you could do something exciting, like climbing a volcano or hand-lining mah-mahi? How about getting handsy with some magical girls? Well, if you’re like Utena and get a rush of adrenaline that goes straight to the head and heart, you’re in luck! While there’s still no announcement on the return of our favorite magical girl antagonizer, you can still get your kicks with the ongoing Kujico x Gushing Over Magical Girls White Black lottery.

Currently running and ending until June 30, the Kujico x Gushing Over Magical Girls White Black lottery is scientifically designed to bleed your wallet. Featuring Utena in a white bunny-themed lingerie and Magia Baiser in a neuron-activating black bunny lingerie. And for the low price of ¥880 (~$6), you can purchase a lottery ticket that can get you any of the following prizes;

S Prize – Utena White Bunny Dakimakura / Magia Baiser Black Bunny Dakimakura
A Prize – Utena White Bunny acrylic stand / Magia Baiser Black Bunny acrylic stand
B Prize – Gushing Over Magical Girls acrylic character blocks
C Prize – Gushing Over Magical Girls bromide set

You can also buy limited edition tin badges at ¥880 (~$6). If you want more than one, you’re in luck. you can get up to 20 of them at a discounted price of ¥550 (~$6). So don’t wait. Unless you’re a distiller or brewer, good things never come to those who wait. Rush to get a lottery ticket and welcome some lewdness into your life.

Currently streaming on HIDIVE and Anime Onega, Gushing Over Magical Girls was the ecchi anime the world needed. A warning on why sex-ed and allowing people to explore their kinks in a healthy environment is non-negotiable in life. Gushing Over Magical Girls follows Utena Hiiragi, a shy and awkward girl who wants nothing more than to admire magical girls. And when a magical mascot offers her the option to become a magical girl, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.

But things aren’t that easy in life. And instead of her wildest dream coming true, she comes out of her magical transformation in an outfit that would make the common weeb bite his lips and Karens call the police. Yet, despite her initial objections to becoming an antagonist, she soon realizes that she gets excited by what she’s doing in more ways than one.

Source: Official Kujico Website
© Akihiro Ononaka/ Takeshobo/ Gushing Over Magical Girls Production Committee

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