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The TSUTAYA x Gushing Over Magical Girls Pop-Up Store Promises to Fill The Void

Like waves that gently caress a beach, life ebbs and flows. Nothing ever really goes away. It just leaves for a while, only to then return. For example, one day, Twitter is crying over hyper-sexual anime and uncouth music. The next, it’s celebrating that Gushing Over Magic Girls is selling Blu-rays like Walter White sold his product. If you’re happy about the exploits of Magia Baiser and company, you’ll be excited that a TSUTAYA x Gushing Over Magical Girls pop-up store has been announced.

Featuring an extensive run that extends into the upcoming year, the TSUTAYA x Gushing Over Magical Girls pop-up store will traverse Japan with locations in;

  • Shibuya TSUTAYA IP Bookstore, Asahi Bookstore Ikebukuro store, TSUTAYA Bookstore, and the Kawasaki Ekimae store in Japan’s Kanto region between June 14 to July 11.
  • TSUTAYA Ebisubashi and TSUTAYA Abenobashi store in the Kansai region between July 26 to August 29.
  • TSUTAYA bookstore Noritake Shinmachi, TSUTAYA Imajin Shiraage Wing Town Okazaki store in the Chubu region between September 13 to October 10.
  • Futaba Books TSUTAYA TERA AEON MALL Fukuoka store in Kyushu between October 25 and November 21.
  • TSUTAYA Tosa Road Store and TSUTAYA Sendai Ekimae Store in Tohoku/Chugoku between December 6 to January 9, 2025

The pop-up shop will feature various items that include the main Enormeeta girls in risque wedding-themed costumes – just what you need. How do I know that? Google Analytics tells me most of the readers of these articles are 25-35 and single. But fear not, as with this new Maho Ako merch, you can fill the hole in your heart by creating a hole in your wallet. For just a few (or not so few) dollars, you can pick up any of the following and put a smile on your face;

  • Acrylic stand @ ¥1760 = (~$11.30)
  • Tin badges @ ¥550 = (~$3.50)
  • Clear files @ ¥660 = (~$4.20)
  • Acrylic key chains @ ¥660 = (~$4.20)
  • Acrylic cards @ ¥550 = (~$3.50)
  • Large acrylic stand @ ¥5500 = (~$35.20)
  • B2 tapestries @ ¥3850 = (~$25)
  • Dakimakuras @ ¥10,780 = (~$69)

Plus, if you spend ¥2200 (~$14), you get a free postcard, and you can never go wrong with free waifu merch.

What’s Gushing Over Magical Girls about? It tells the story of Utena Hiiragi, a quiet wallflower who wants nothing more than to be a magical girl. But she knows that her dream is far beyond reach. However, one day, that dream comes true as a magical mascot allows her to magically transform. But instead of turning into the paradigm of justice, she turns into someone who looks like she’ll drain your account of about $12,000 for a weekend.

Worst still is that she must now fight the magical girls she admires. However, you don’t realize you like something until you try it. As Utena traps and subdues her beloved magical girls, her thoughts race, her heart stutters, and her no-no square gets hotter than the global average temperature. Streaming on HIDIVE in all its uncensored glory (and on Anime Onegai, but in español), Gushing Over Magical Girls currently has 12 episodes of the most binge-worthy ecchi material.

Source: Official TSUTAYA Website
© Akihiro Ononaka/ Takeshobo/ Gushing Over Magical Girls Production Committee

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