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The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Releases First Key Visual for Upcoming Anime

The upcoming anime adaptation of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic prepares for its 2024 release date with its first key visual. The visual features Usato, Suzune, Kazuki, and Rose, who had all been previously introduced in the teaser trailer released earlier this year. Initial cast members were announced in July, while the new additional cast members are:

  • Akeno Watanabe (Rito, To Love Ru) as Blurin
  • Genta Nakamura (Hiroto, Liar Liar) as Orga
  • Yoshino Aoyama (Hitori, Bocchi the Rock!) as Ururu
  • Kentaro Ito (Renji, Bleach) as Tong
  • Chado Horii (Tobe, Oregairu) as Mill
  • Toru Nara (Young Jiraiya, Naruto) as Alec
  • Soshiro Hori (Marshall Gorilla, One Punch Man) as Gomul
  • Hayato Fujii (Katz, The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse) as Gurd

The new key visual is below:

Key visual of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

The updated staff list reads:

  • Author: Kurokata
  • Light Novel Character Design: KeG
  • Director: Takahide Ogata
  • Series Composition: Shogo Yasukawa
  • Anime Character Design: Keiji Tanabe
  • Color Design: Masaaki Hino
  • Art Director: Takeshi Naitou
  • Director of Photography: Kohei Yamamoto
  • Editor: Hiromi Komine
  • Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi
  • Sound Production: HALF H, P STUDIO
  • Music: Elements Garden (Hitoshi Fujima, Seima Kondo)
  • Music Production: Lantis
  • Animation Studios: Studio Ado, Shin-Ei Animation

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic has been published as the web novel Chiyu Maho no Machigatta Tsukai-kata: Senjo o Kakeru Kaifuku Yoin from March 2014 via the popular self-publishing site Shosetsuka ni Narou. The series was picked up by my Japanese publisher Media Factory and ran for 12 volumes from March 2016 to March 2018. The manga adaptation, published in Kadokawa Shoten’s Comp Ace magazine began in 2017 and is currently ongoing.

One Peace Books licenses both the manga and light novel, and describes the first light novel volume:
Usato, an ordinary high schooler, happens to run into two fellow students after school one rainy day. Suddenly, all three of them are engulfed in a magic circle and transported to a fantasy world. There’s just one tiny problem—Usato is simply dragged along by accident! On top of that, Usato learns that he is capable of using healing magic—an incredibly rare affinity in this new world. Now Usato must spend his days with the rescue team thugs, struggling through their hellish training regimen—learning the wrong way to use healing magic. Get ready for an eccentric otherworld fantasy filled with comedy and combat!

Source: Official Website
©KUROKATA / MF Books / “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic” Production Committee

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