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To Your Eternity Episode 11 Preview Images Released

“To Your Eternity” episode 11 preview images are out! After an epic battle with the Knocker, Fushi and Gugu’s bond becomes stronger. A four-year time skip happens and everyone is grown up now! Will this peace last though? The journey continues!

Check out the “To Your Eternity” episode 11 previews on their official Twitter account:

In addition, the official website of “To Your Eternity” also released other preview images and a description for episode 10. The preview teases how four years have passed since the battle with the Knockers. Fushi and Gugu have grown into strong young men! However, Gugu reunites with his brother who abandoned him before.

We also see preview images of Rean holding the same ring she gave Gugu a long time ago. Gugu is also invited to Rean’s 16th birthday party at her mansion. Since she is of age, Rean is going to marry the man her parents have chosen for her. Meanwhile, someone’s confession is about to be revealed…? The full preview video is also available to watch on their official Twitter here.

To Your Eternity Episode 11 Preview Images

To Your Eternity Episode 11 Release Date

The next episode of “To Your Eternity” is titled “Gift from the Past” and it will air on Monday, June 21 at 10:50 PM (JST). It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll in select regions.

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To Your Eternity” is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Yoshitoki Ōima. It follows the story of a mysterious orb sent to Earth. It has no identity nor emotions, but through time it learns to take different forms. One day, it acquires the form of a boy and gains consciousness. The boy, Fushi, sets off to travel in search of new experiences, places, and people. “The journey begins.”

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