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Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 7 Delayed to 'Maintain Quality'

The official website for the Tokyo 24th Ward anime has announced that episode 7 has been delayed in order to maintain the quality of the animation. Instead of releasing this Wednesday on February 16, the episode will premiere next week on February 23. You can see their announcement on Twitter:

Tokyo 24th Ward – Episode 7 delay announcement

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Tokyo 24th Ward is one of the 3 shows by studio CloverWorks this season, and the original anime began on January 5, 2022. You can watch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll, and you can read the story synopsis:

The Far Eastern Special Administrative Region, also known as the 24th Ward, is a man-made island. Shuta, Ran, and Koki were born and raised on the island. Their family backgrounds, preferences, and personalities are completely different, but they always stuck together. However, one incident changed their relationship forever.

A year afterward, the three friends are reunited by chance at a memorial service held for the incident. All three of their phones suddenly ring simultaneously. Their friend, who is supposed to be dead, is calling and demands that they make a decision about the future. (Crunchyroll)

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The reason episode 7 got delayed is probably due to production issues, and the Tokyo 24th Ward anime will continue on February 23.

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