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Tokyo Revengers Anime Ends This Week, Episode 24 Preview Images Released

The Tokyo Revengers anime is coming to an end on Saturday, and the preview images for the final episode 24 have been released. The episode’s title is “A Cry Baby”, and it will cover Toman’s meeting which started in the last episode. Here’s the official tweet:

There are 6 images total on the official Tokyo Revengers site, and you can check 2 more below:

Seeing Mikey and Chifuyu smiling in the preview images gives me hope something nice will happen, but can never be sure with Tokyo Revengers, especially not in the final episode 24. Previously we saw the conclusion of the Toman vs Valhalla fight, which unfortunately cost the best boy Baji his life. Meanwhile, Mikey forgave Kazutora, who is now repenting in jail as Toman decides what to do. The new meeting has already started, and Takemichi has no idea what’s going on. Hanma and Chifuyu appearing alongside Mikey didn’t help either. We’ll find out soon!

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 Release Date

The final episode of the Tokyo Revengers anime will release on September 18, 2021. Titled “A Cry Baby”, it will likely focus on Takemichi, who’s known as the Crybaby Hero. We can also hope that a 2nd season gets announced afterwards, though we’ll post an update if it happens.

You can watch Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll, and also vote for it as the best of the week on our poll!

Source: Official Tokyo Revengers Twitter & Website
ⒸKen Wakui, Kodansha / “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee

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