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TOKYOPOP's Summer Releases Celebrate Mature Love

Pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to move on from your favorite BL and GL titles. All of TOKYOPOP’s summer releases will be published under the LoveLove imprint and Comics That Matter collection. So if you’re still craving romance then look no further!

My Beautiful Man cover by Megumi Kitano

With the July edition of Yuu Nagira’s My Beautiful Man acting as its summer’s first release, the LoveLove manga imprint follows up with additional July to September releases;

  • Too Close To Fall In Love – story and art by Akira Nakata (July 23) +18
  • Jealousy Binds Love – story and art by Eiji Nagisa (July 23) +18
  • Wails of the Bound – story and art by Keri Kusabi (July 23) +18
  • World’s End Blue Bird Vol 1 – story and art by Anji Seina (August 27) +18
  • The Troublesome Guest of Sotomura Detective Agency – story and art by Sakae Kusama (September 17) +18
  • A Smart & Courageous Child – story by Miki Yamamoto (September 24)
  • Dinner For Three (light novel) – story by Hizaki Isaum, art by Yukimura Kanae (September 24)
  • Boys Gliding The Lily Shall Die!? – story and art by Yomogimoochi (September 24)
  • Sanctify – story and art by Godsstation (September 24) +18

What is TOKYOPOP? Founded in 1997, TOKYOPOP is a premier Asian pop distributor and publisher located in Los Angeles, California. One of the first to establish a market for manga in North America and Germany, the company has published thousands of titles. They have also distributed anime and Asian films along with merchandise, and have created graphic novels, both original and for major IPs.

And if you’re a conscious consumer and worry about where your money is going, you’re in luck. TOKYOPOP puts an emphasis on multiculturalism, and diversity and backs the LGBTQIA+ community! Which is always a win. So be sure to pick up something from TOKYOPOP’s summer releases.

Source: TOKYOPOP Press Release

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