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Tonikaku Kawaii Event Coming to Heijokyo

Get ready to join our newlyweds on their honeymoon! There will be a Tonikaku Kawaii event in collaboration with Hejiokyo for the “Fly Me to the Moon x Heijo Palace Remains Historical Park” event. The event will last from November 1st till December 28th.

In the stamp rally event, there will be two courses to choose from. First, the “Nara Sightseeing Course” goes around the sightseeing spots where works appear in Nara City. This was actually a honeymoon destination in the work, so it feels like you are going on a trip with the characters! Secondly, there is the “Heijokyo Course” that goes around the Heijo Palace Remains Historical Park.

According to the Nara Palace Site Historical Park official page, the installation locations follow:

Nara sightseeing course:

  • Kintetsu Nara station (on the left after exiting the East ticket gate)
  • Nara Park (prefectural bus terminal)
  • Heijo Palace Remains Historical Park “Tempyo Umashikan” (exchange space)

Heijokyo Course in the Heijo Palace Remains Historical Park:

  • “Heijo Palace Izanaikan” (near the entrance)
  • “Reconstruction Business Information Center” (near the entrance)
  • “Tempyo Umashikan” Exchange space)

Now let’s take a look at the prizes for Tonikaku Kawaii event. And keep in mind there are different rewards for each course.

Postcard A (Nara sightseeing course)
Postcard B (Heijokyo course)
Clear file (Gift when all stamps of 2 courses are collected)

That’s not all to it! In addition, there is a cafe collaboration menu with Iraka coffee in Suzakumon Hiroba.

Furthermore, there is a life-sized panel of Nasa and Tsukasa wearing Tenpyo costumes at the Suzakumon Hiroba Tempyo Umashikan Exchange Space. Also, feel free to visit the message corner to celebrate their marriage!

Read more about Tonikaku Kawaii here!

Source: Nara Palace Site Historical Park website

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