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Snow Miku Festival 2021 Has Released New Information

The official website for the event has revealed a new main visual art, theme song, and more. The new illustrator to draw the main visual for Snow Miku 2021 was necömi. Necömi is also well-known for creating vtubers, figures, game characters, and more.

The Official Key Visual for Snow Miku 2021

More importantly, it has also been revealed that Heavenz will be in charge of the new theme song. Heavenz has been working in the Vocaloid music scene since 2008. He’s also well-known for his Rock and Ballad style and his notable masterpieces are Planetarium and Strangers. If you’ve been in the previous Snow Miku, you must know what the Snow Miku train is. The popular train is coming back this year. Unfortunately, the design has not been revealed yet.

The train will start its operation from November 21, 2020March 24, 2021.
The operation times are 7:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM daily.

The Illustrator and composer

The exhibition, workshops, and goods booths have been moved to a new location. The Wing Bay Otaru will be the location where Snow Miku 2021 will be held. It will be on the 4th floor of the venue. Moreover, they also revealed an Official Tour package, but sadly, only for domestic visitors. The package will include the usual tour-exclusive goods and, of course, the Snow Miku 2021 Nendoroid.

But the information we got doesn’t stop here. A Snow Miku sculpture will be presented at Odori Park! It will stay there from February 4 – 11. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance! You can read more about the event on their official website we listed below:

Visit The Website Click Here!

The Snow Miku 2021 festival will start on February 4, and will end on February, 11, 2021.

What is Snow Miku?

The Snow Miku Festival is an event where Hatsune Miku supports Hokkaido in winter! The previous festivals were all held in Hokkaido from 2010 at the same time as the “Sapporo Snow Festival” since Crypton Future Media Co. Ltd., which planned and developed Hatsune Miku, was located in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
(To know more about Snow Miku, click here: Snow Miku)

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