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Genshin Impact: The Next Level RPG Opinion

On September 28, 2020, a new challenger in the RPG kingdom set foot on the arena ready to take on its competitors. With a breathtaking story, amazing graphics, explicit details, and magnificent characters – I present to thee, Genshin Impact! miHoYo is the company known for developing and publishing Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. Genshin Impact is a roleplaying game that is free-to-play with an open-world map. The game is currently available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. It will soon be available on Nintendo Switch as well, but no specific release date has been announced yet. And here, we present the background of the game and our staff’s personal Genshin Impact opinion!

A brief history about the game…

MiHoYo announced this project in June 2019, three months after the official release of Honkai Impact 3rd, with a public release date by 2020. Just imagine all the hard work of the developers within 3 years after miHoYo announced their new project. With a development and marketing budget of around US $100 million, there’s no doubt that this game would become a big hit!


You will embark on a journey in the world of Teyvat, which currently consists of two nations – Mondstadt and Liyue. The game will blow your minds with its exquisite map and stunning graphics; in fact, multiple waypoints, statues, and dungeons are scattered everywhere around the game’s world.


Monstadt is known as a city of freedom, located on an island surrounded by a lake northeast of Teyvat. This city symbolizes the freedom of its citizens, which brings the wind’s strong breeze -courtesy of their highly-worshipped Anemo God, Barbatos.

Map of Mondstadt

Liyue, on the other hand, is a bountiful harbor that lies east of Teyvat. Alongside the stone forest, the high mountains, open plains, and vibrant rivers altogether form Liyue ‘s vast landscape, which through each of the four seasons demonstrates its unique beauty.

Map of Liyue


In the world of Teyvat, six different elements flow and converge in each and every region. These elements are called Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Anemo, and Geo – which correspond to fire, ice, life, electricity, wind, and earth, respectively. All of these elements react to each other differently. For example, using a Cryo skill can freeze the water from rivers, and using an Anemo skill on a burning ground can inflict a flaming wind.

Cryo (top-left), Anemo (top-right), Electro (bottom-left), and Pyro (bottom-right)


The game currently has 20+ characters for you to choose from! Each of the characters has his/her own unique abilities and they all differ in the elements they wield. A maximum of 3 teams can be created, and each team consists of at least 1-4 characters. The characters may sound familiar to you, especially when you play the game with the Japanese voice language. Well, that’s because all the various voice actors in the anime industry have voiced these characters!

Japanese Voice Actors

Aoi Koga – Paimon
Aoi Yuki / Shun Horie – Traveler
Ayumu Murase – Venti
Manaka Iwami – Amber
Rie Tanaka – Lisa
Chiwa Saitou – Jean
Kenshou Ono – Diluc
Kousuke Toriumi – Kaeya
Koki Uchiyama – Razor
Akari Kito – Barbara
Ari Ozawa – Xiangling
Saori Hayami – Kamisato Ayaka

AC Staff’s Personal Genshin Impact Opinion

“The game has a rich story-telling backdrop and strong game mechanics. Although it needs to be improved in terms of Resin uses and playability. It also has robust activities and well-balanced character rosters as well. Overall, it is an enjoyable game with a lot of potentials for updates and playability.”

Chief Executive Officer

“Genshin Impact is so beautiful that it’s fun to just run around and try to finish all the quests despite not having much interaction with other players (besides ruins and recent event). Looking forward to future updates and content and possibly the MC being worth using.”

General Manager

“Overall, I really liked the game. Though I rated it low because I was low-key expecting it to be MMORPG. I’m a competitive guy, so I was expecting more on the Multiplayer aspect.”

Social Media Coordinator

“The game just looks amazing. It’s playable on the phone so you can play with your friends even if they are on mobile/PC/PS4 which is also a great thing. Mechanics are very interesting and the overall character variety is pretty nice too. The game doesn’t tell you to pay every 5 minutes but the cheap packages (5Euro/10Euro per month) are extremely worth it. Gacha system is also nice and free to play friendly!”


“One word to describe this game: extraordinary! It is indeed a new level of RPG. A lot of details was put into this game and I’d say the developers did a great job! We need more games like this. Though I do wish that there would be a multiplayer function or some kind of arena for competitions in the future updates. Who knows what would the game be in the future?”

Assistant Writer

Genshin Impact Survey

How about you guys? How would you rate the game? Feel free to answer our short survey below and tell us your Genshin Impact opinion!

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Source: Genshin Impact Official Website

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