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Too Many Losing Heroines Light Novel to Come Out in July

The first volume of the previously announced light novel by Takibi Amamori, “Too Many Losing Heroines!” (“Make hiroin ga ō sugiru”), is set to come out on July 21, 2021. What’s more, Imigimuru (“Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ha Aru!”) is responsible for the illustration. “Too Many Losing Heroines” will be Takibi’s first light novel.

Also, you can check out a promotional illustration below:

Full promotional graphic for “Too Many Losing Heroines!”

You can also check the official Tweet announcing the novel below:

In case you don’t know what “Too Many Losing Heroines!” is about, you can read the description from official Twitter below (rough Deepl translation):

One day I, Kazuhiko Ichinomizu, the background character of our class, witnessed the rejection of the popular girl, Anna Hanami.
“Aren’t you being awful, you said you were going to marry me!”
“How old were we when I said that?”
“I was 4 or 5 years old.”
“Well, that’s a no-can-do.”
This was the beginning of a new wave of heroines, girls that have a past of defeat (as in rejected), including Yakiyotaru-sama from the track and field club and Tomari Chika from the literature club.
“Kazuhiko-kun. There are two types of girls. Childhood friends or thieving cats.”
“I see, well that’s a bold statement.”
There’s a fortune for those who shine only after losing. Losing Heroines— The curtain to the mysterious coming-of-age story “Makeine”, opens now!

What’s more, the author was previously writing web novels and “Too Many Losing Heroines!” will be his first light novel. Not only that but, It managed to get a “Gagaga Award” at the 15th Shogakukan Light Novel Awards.

Source: Official Twitter account for the light novel

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