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Too Many Losing Heroines Reveals First Trailer, Visual, Cast, Staff and July Premiere

The Too Many Losing Heroines (Make Heroine ga Oosugiru!) anime has revealed the first trailer, visual, cast, staff, and a July 2024 premiere date. Aniplex will produce the anime, with studio A-1 Pictures in charge of the animation. The cast includes:

  • Kazuhiko: Shuichiro Umeda
  • Anna Yanami: Hikaru Tono
  • Remon Yakishio: Shion Wakayama
  • Chika Komari: Momoka Terasawa
Too Many Losing Heroines – First Anime Trailer | July 2024 Premiere

Shotaro Kitamura is directing the anime, with Masahiro Yokotani on series composition. Tetsuya Kawakami is doing the character designs. Ending themes will come from the “Makeine Ooen! Cover Song Series” performed by Anna Yanami, Lemon Yakishio, and Chika Komari. Anna Yanami will perform “LOVE2000,” which is featured in the trailer.

The Too Many Losing Heroines! light novel by Takibi Amamori first launched in July 2021 in Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko imprint, winning the 15th Shogakukan Light Novel Award the same year. There is also a manga adaptation illustrated by Itachi that began in 2022.

Shogakukan describes Too Many Losing Heroines!:
‘Who’s a loser heroine?’
I, Kazuhiko Nukumizu, an ordinary student in class, witness the popular girl Anna Yanami get rejected by a boy at one point.
“He said he would marry me, isn’t that awful?”
“How old were you at that time?”
“Around 4 or 5 years old.”
That’s just kids play.
This sparks the appearances of other girls with a sense of defeat, like the track team’s Lemon Yakishio and the literature club’s Chika Komari.
“Nukumizu-kun, girls can be divided into two types – childhood friends or stray cats.”
“I see, that’s quite the bold categorization.”
May fortune shine upon these girls who shine brighter after defeat. An mysterious youth tangled up with these “loser heroines” now begins!

Too Many Losing Heroines! Anime Staff:

  • Original Creator: Takibi Amamori
  • Director: Shotaro Kitamura
  • Series Composition: Masahiro Yokoya
  • Character Design: Tetsuya Kawakami
  • Original Character Design: Muru Imigi
  • Sub Character Design: Yu Saito
  • Main Animator: Takumitsu Miura, Akane Takeda, Mirai Harashima
  • Visual Board: Aoi Otani, Keigo Arihara
  • Prop Design: Takayuki Kido
  • Color Designer: Ayaka Murakami
  • Art Design: Mikiya Hirayoshi
  • Art Director: Yuki Hatakeyama
  • Art: Kusanagi
  • 3D Director: Yuki Kuribayashi
  • Director of Photography: Yohei Miyawaki
  • Music: Kana Utatane
  • Sound Director: Kohei Yoshida
  • Sound Effects: Takuya Hasegawa
  • Production: A-1 Pictures

Source: Official Website
© Takibi Amamori 2021 ℗ Shogakukan

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