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Top 15 Precious Paul and Rudy Moments from Mushoku Tensei

With the release of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 episode 22, I thought it might be a great idea to hurt you as I hurt myself remind you of some of the most precious anime moments between Paul and Rudy. If you haven’t watched the anime up to Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 22, beware there are spoilers. These are listed chronologically rather than being ranked in any way.

Paul and Zenith meeting Rudy for the first time

The two had their first baby, and at this point they were just happy to have one without any expectations or knowledge of Rudy’s talent.

Rudy helping Paul train

Just one of the cute moments from when Rudy was just getting the world figured out and helping Paul train along the way.

Paul reading Rudy a book with Zenith by their side

Another wholesome moment for the Greyrat family. Things were so peaceful at this point.

Paul holding a scared Rudy

The scene is from when Roxy first arrived to the Greyrat house. Rudy was still afraid of going outside, and he still saw his father as the protector.

Paul gives Rudy his birthday present

While Rudy had always been a talented mage, Paul never stopped trying to also teach him swordsmanship. He told Rudy that he was too young, but that he needed to carry a sword in his heart in order to protect his wife and kids one day.

Rudy messing around with Paul

This was after Paul commented how Rudy never cried.

Paul carrying Rudy on his shoulders

Shortly after the previous scene, this one was just an adorable father-son moment.

Paul listening to Rudy

Coming after the slapping incident where Paul punished Rudy undeservedly, this scene was a nice growth moment for Paul. He chose to listen to Rudy’s reasoning for stripping Sylphie, and he gave him some advice. However, this one is also one of the heavier ones for people who’ve watched the latest episode. That’s because it’s followed by Paul’s inner monologue:

Paul gives some girl advice to Rudy

Being a scummy man, Paul didn’t have only good things to teach Rudy. Little did he know that Rudy was an even scummier and older man on the inside. Still, this made for a bonding moment between the two.

Paul teasing Rudy about Sylphie

This one is adorable, but now also shockingly sad. Paul says “that girl will be a real beauty” one day. Despite having learned that Rudy actually married her, he will never actually be able to see Sylphie’s current beauty himself.

Paul hugging Rudy and Sylphie

For the same reasons as the above, only this one hits even harder. Paul hugging these two will never be possible again, so seeing the scene retroactively feels tragically sad.

Paul and Rudy reuniting for the first time

This one was so difficult to get to when the episodes were first airing, but the payoff was worth it. After getting into the huge fight, Paul apologized. Rudy understood how difficult that had been due to his own experiences from his past life, so he chose to forgive him and to take part of the blame. What followed probably saved Paul, but was also one of the most important moments for Rudy.

Paul just being proud of Rudy

After everything, Paul was just proud of how far Rudy had come. Became a well respected mage, happily married and expecting a kid. He couldn’t wish for anything more for him. Though this was also when he started raising flags about his future.

Rudy teasing Paul about being a grandpa

The scene where Rudy told Paul that this was his first grandchild and he would soon be Grandpa Paul. Paul joked that he wasn’t that old yet, and this was an overall wholesome moment. However, it takes a completely different color when you see it after watching episode 22.

The scene was followed by some more teasing from Paul, and the party headed to the labyrinth the next day.

Paul being happy after Rudy’s comment

This one came just last week, and it had Paul overjoyed after Rudy commented that he had gotten stronger. Paul acted cool and said that he’d actually gotten weaker, but his real feelings came out after he turned away. Paul had always held Rudy in high regard, and his comments clearly meant a lot to him as a person who wanted to set an example for his son.

The anime ranked 4th last week, and you can now vote for the latest episode.

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