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Tower of God Webtoon Gets a Comeback Trailer

Tower of God webtoon received a trailer as i’ts returning from its nearly year-long hiatus on May 16, 2021. Naver Webtoon’s official Twitter account shared a comeback trailer that features Bam and Khun, among other characters.

You can watch the full Tower of God trailer for the upcoming episode 69 on Twitter:

Tower of God trailer for Season 3 Episode 69

Previously, the Korean Webtoon site updated the series’ description and listed the new episode release date as May 16th. The series was on a hiatus since June 2020, due to the author’s health issues.

Tower of God is a Korean manhwa that was first published in 2010 and has since been serialized on Naver’s Webtoon platform. It received an official English translation in July 2014. The webtoon also got an anime adaptation by Telecom Animation Film, which aired in Spring 2020.

Webtoon describes the Tower of God plot as:

What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it’s here.

Although it’s not yet clear if the webtoon’s English translation will follow the old schedule, you can still read the already translated chapters on the official website.

Tower of God webtoon is currently on its 3rd season. Season 1 had 78 chapters, while season 2 had 377.

Source: Naver Webtoon Twitter
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