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Trigun Stampede Gets Climax Visual Featuring Vash and Knives

TRIGUN STAMPEDE has revealed a climax visual featuring Vash facing off against Knives ahead of the anime show’s 9th episode. The episode previously received a preview video, and you can see the new visual below:

TRIGUN STAMPEDE – Climax Visual Featuring Vash and Knives

CGI studio Orange (BEASTARSLand of the Lustrous) is in charge of the anime production, while Crunchyroll has been simulcasting the series in more than 200 countries and territories around the world from January 2023.

Yasuhiro Nightow wrote and drew the original Trigun manga. It was first serialized in Tokuma Shoten’s manga magazine Monthly Shonen Captain from April 1995 to January 1997. It continued its publication in Shonen Gahosha’s seinen manga  magazine Young King OURs, under the title Trigun Maximum from October 1997 to March 2007. Shonen Gahosha republished the Trigun chapters in two volumes and collected the Trigun Maximum chapters in fourteen volumes.

Dark Horse licensed the manga in English, and they describe the story:
On the forbidding desert world of Gunsmoke, a mysterious bounty hangs above the head of Vash the Stampede, and the gunslinging pacifist can’t seem to find a moment’s respite. Vash is no ordinary pistolero, packing a weapon capable of punching holes in a planet, which explains why the locals tremble at the very mention of his name. But sixty billion double dollars is no ordinary reward, and every trigger-happy psycho in creation is aiming to claim Vash dead or alive—preferably dead!\

Source: Official Twitter
©2023 Yasuhiro Nightow, SHONEN GAHOSHA / TRIGUN STAMPEDE Project

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